Marketing Tactics for a Self Storage Business

There are several marketing tactics that can be employed when it comes to selling yours storage business. A self storage business owner can definitely be creative when it comes to on my in traditional marketing means of publicizing their business while looking for new tenants. Some of these methods include postcards, billboards, websites, and paid search.


Postcards are a great way to advertise a seasonal special or promote a new self storage business in the area. A business owner can buy a mailing list of residents in the immediate area and then visit an online printing website, where they can have postcards designed with the self storage business’ logo, contact information, and special for new customers, if applicable.


Billboards are sometimes expensive, depending on the geographical area where the business is located, however they may be a wise investment, especially if the self storage units or near a major street or highway that has billboards. Often times, potential customers will see a billboard on their way to work or home, and repeat exposure will eventually cause them to think of the business when they are looking for a self storage solution.


websites may have a higher initial cost to build and publish, but almost every business (including self storage business) needs to have one. Occasionally freelancers or smaller website design businesses could provide a more affordable website been a big agency. Check Craigslist or ask around to find an affordable website designer. If possible and the budget allows, allowing new customers to reserve a storage unit and pay their rent online can be a good option.

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Paid Search

Paid search engine campaigns, also called PPC or pay-per-click, are a great way to advertise to customers that are looking for self storage exactly when they are searching for it online. PPC specialists can create and maintain the campaigns for you, often for a set monthly cost. They are PPC campaigns available on Bing, Yahoo, Google, ask, and Facebook, just to name a few. Paid search engine campaigns are also available at a cost per impression basis, or CPM. However, this means that the business owner is paying for people who see the ad, even though they may not click on it.

Obviously there are several different marketing methods available online and off-line to self storage owners. Along with the methods mentioned above, offering fair rates and bonuses for referrals can also help garner new business.