Great Ways To Save Money During A Relocation

There are many ways that people can save money when it comes to packing up their belongings and relocating to a new residence. Check out the article below for some excellent money-saving moving tips.

1) Use Used Boxes

Buying boxes to pack belongings in can become somewhat costly; this is why it is so advantageous to scavenge boxes from retail and grocery stores as well as from friends. There are even some stores that sell used boxes at discounted prices. By using boxes from friends and family or from stores, a person can save a considerable amount of money when it comes to moving.

2) Pack the Belongings Yourself

Instead of paying someone to pack one’s belongings, it is always money-saving to pack them yourself.

3) Do not Pay by the Hour

When it comes to hiring labor to help load and transport boxes, it is always best to pay the labor a base rate, rather than paying them by the hour. When labor is paid by the hour, some of the people doing the work will stretch out the time it takes to effectively load and transport the items so that they can be paid more.

4) Move During Off Season

Just like everything else in life, there is a season for moving. Most people choose to move during the summer when their kids are out of school. Movers tend to up their moving prices during this season, so it is best to move during other times of the year. In doing so, a person can save quite a bit of money when it comes to obtaining moving services during a relocation.

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5) Tax-Deductions

People that are moving should never forget to deduct from their taxes any expenses that are tax deductible. In many cases, if a person is relocating due to job placement purposes, their entire move can be tax deductible. If a person is unsure what expenses are legally able to be deducted from taxes, it is wise to consult with an experienced accountant or someone that performs tax preparation services.

6) Do not Move Everything

Chances are, everything that a person owns does not need to be moved to their new location. It is wise to sort through all belongings before moving and to have a yard sale or to donate items to a charity of some sort. In doing so, a person will lessen their moving expenses because there will not be near as many boxes to move as there would be if all items were being moved. The money made through a yard sale could even pay for some or all of the person’s moving expenses.

7) Obtain Moving Estimates

When it comes to saving money on hiring a moving service provider, it is best to obtain estimates from several different moving companies. This helps in finding the best moving rate possible and allows a person to see where money can be saved.