Decorative Storage Box – Beautiful Handmade Wood Boxes To Hold All Your Treasures

A decorative storage box can turn even the mundane everyday catch-all box into something special. A decorative box placed in the front foyer just might be the perfect answer for a specific place to throw keys, loose change, bus tokens, and everything else that comes out of the pockets. It will also make those items easier to find when you are ready to go back out the door! When you choose a handmade wood box made out of exotic wood, it will be a piece of artwork; not only beautiful, but functional.

Another decorative storage box idea is the coffee table box. Exotic wood boxes make a beautiful statement on the coffee table, and can contain coasters, cocktail napkins, and the favorite remote controls. With all the electronics that it takes now to run the family entertainment center, and the remotes that go with it, a decorative storage box not only looks beautiful, but de-clutters the table. There will be no more having to look under cushions, sofas, and pillows to find the remotes.

A decorative storage box can also be used as a keepsake wooden box. Many people choose a handcrafted wooden box to present as a godchild keepsake box. This box will be treasured forever, and can hold mementos from all the highlights of the child’s life, starting with the first locks of hair that are cut, the first tooth, first communion, and wedding mementos. A handcrafted keepsake box will always remind that special child of those who love them.

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Other ideas for unique gifts include a graduation keepsake box, where the graduate can collect all the mementos from high school or college in one place; a decorative storage box can be proudly placed in a dorm room, or that first apartment. A large decorative box can be used to hold heirloom silverware handed down from one generation to the next, or a special tea set that always reminds you of afternoon tea with Grammie. A large keepsake box might be the perfect decorative storage box to hold a folded flag, along with other military pins and mementos. The imagination is the only limit, and handcrafted wooden boxes make the perfect presentation.

Of course, you should always look for a reputable craftsman to purchase your decorative storage box from. You want to get quality craftsmanship, so your wood box will last from generation to generation, and it will be proudly displayed forever. A great craftsman pays attention to every little detail, from beautiful contrasting slip-feather joints, to acid free liners in the bottom of each box. A true craftsman will usually mix several hardwoods that complement each other into each box; therefore making each box stand on its own, not just for function, but as a piece of art to be shared and enjoyed.