Bento Boxes – Using These Pretty Lacquered Japanese Lunch Boxes As Storage For Jewelry

Bento boxes are well known for their use in Japanese restaurants as a serving plate for meals. It is fascinating to see how much food will fit into the lacquered compartment boxes. They are typically used for packing a lunch to go, either for work, a trip, or school. Early versions of the Bento box date back to the 1300s in Japan, and the wooden and lacquered boxes originated around 1600. On Japanese rail lines Bento box meals were served on train trips during the late 1800s. And in the 1920s the use of aluminum Bento boxes became customary. In more recent times the popularity has spread throughout the world and they are now manufactured in a myriad of materials, from inexpensive plastic disposable versions to hand crafted lacquered showpieces.

Bento boxes can also be used in creative ways as storage boxes. Their unique designs are made into stacking boxes, nesting boxes, boxes with removable inserts, and a variety of other styles. Storing jewelry is a popular way to use a Bento box. I have used them as an organizer to separate different vintage charms, and as a compact way to keep my jewelry with me when I am traveling by air and do not want to leave it in checked baggage. Their divided trays are also nice for separating beads and findings for creating jewelry. Other storage uses are as an office supply organizer, sewing supplies box, a crafts box and small kitchen utensil holder. Their colors and shapes will liven up any home space.

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Favorite places to find Bento boxes are on-line in marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. The colorful and stylish variety is amazing, and they come with lots of interesting lunch recipe ideas. They can also be picked up at local thrift shops and oriental supermarkets. And recently large retailers like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel have jumped on the Bento box craze and stock their shelves with upscale versions of the little Japanese lunch tote. Where ever you choose to source them I think you will love using Bento Boxes to organize your home in a decorative way.