5 Tips On How to Start a Self-Storage Business

If you’ve been thinking of getting into the self-storage business, here are 5 tips on how to start a self-storage business. When you launch into your own self-storage business, it gives you the chance to not just be your own boss but also to find out just what kind of salary you can earn on the basis of your profits. In the self-storage industry, you have various kinds of business ventures that you can easily consider. By providing people with storage space for their things can be a highly lucrative business if you learn just how to manage it well.

Tip #1: Write out a detailed business plan. In fact, it would help if you wrote one business plan for each of the different aspects of your venture-finance, staff, marketing, etc. Find out just how much it would cost to construct your storage units. Find out just how much advance money you need to have to start this business and the expenses towards staffing, advertising and security.

Tip #2: Get yourself a loan. Go online and find out where you can obtain a loan for a small enterprise for first-time ventures. Find out all that it takes to qualify for getting such loans. Visit your banker with all the details of your loan and business plan.

Tip #3: Register your self-storage business. As a new business venture, you will have to get yourself a federal tax identification number online by filling out a form of the Internal Revenue Service. This number will identify you on your business and you can use it just as you use your social security number. Next, you’re going to need a business license from your county government or local city hall by paying a license fee.

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Tip #4: Build your storage facility. Find out the size and kind of self-storage units you want to erect. Meet an architect and have him create layouts and a blueprint of your business. Ask contractors for bids and hire a contractor based on a reasonable bid. See that you have all the permits required before you launch into construction.

Tip #5: Put in security measures. And here’s the last of the 5 tips on how to start a self-storage business. Once you build a gate around the storage space, you need to allow in only those people with a key or pass code. Place security cameras around the facility and hire guards to work in shifts so that you have security round-the-clock.