Common Storage Types

With people moving around a lot more today than before, storage places to store furniture, appliances or other personal belongings, are getting more popular. One can find public storage facilities as well self-storage facilities with the latter becoming increasingly popular. In the past, train stations, airports and bus terminals often had public storage facilities. The only thing about these was that they were not privately stored and thus privacy was not ensured.

This meant that management could open these storage places to inspect the items if they were suspicious about the contents or found cause to do so. In addition, you could only store or retrieve items when they were open and you could not enter the premises after closing. Also, at one time, some people started using public storage places to store illegal items or as a drop-off zone for illegal money and this led the management of these places to either shut down these storage facilities or to monitor them very thoroughly.

People started being reluctant to then store their belongings in these places for fear that authorities or management might check their belongings thus reducing the privacy factor. Of course, this does not imply that these places was routinely used for illegal activities, but that the storage places was likely to be searched far more easily than a self-storage facility. The other option as far as storage facilities are concerned is the self-storage facility. The users of these facilities are usually given their own locks and keys. These storage facilities also have an added advantage in that they typically have an earlier and a later closing time. It is also quite unusual for those in management to enter these storage facilities unless there is a pressing reason, which typically might be non-payment of the rent of these storage places.

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You could keep just about everything you wish in these units and no one would know the contents. Self-storage units are also usually quite larger than public storage units. Individuals as well as small business owners could store their items or goods in these places quite conveniently. An added advantage was that business owners could avoid having to lease space in a warehouse or lease larger units or several smaller units in a public storage facility. The added convenience or versatility of these self-storage places or units is that they are available in various sizes.

This allows individuals as well as businesses to use them according to their requirements for the amount and size of the items they want to store. Most of these self-storage places are set up in such a way that you could even drive a vehicle right up to the entrance of the storage place to store or retrieve your items. Many people see this as an enhanced convenience to self-storage units. Although public storage units in places like train stations are convenient for smaller items, self-storage units are used by people who need to store used or old furniture, appliances or as a temporary measure whilst moving from one residence to another.