There are plenty of reasons to utilize an HVAC technician who has worked in commercial building and understands the complexity of large HVAC system. HVAC systems found in buildings are normally much larger than the units used in homes. The HVAC expert will understand how to maintain the different types of HVAC systems. The knowledge and experience of a person will ensure the work is done properly and provide small business owner a peace of mind.

Benefits of Having Experience Related to A Commercial Building

Any commercial air conditioning repair cincinnati oh service will be completed by trained professionals and provide many benefits. An HVAC professional who has commercial experience will fix the HVAC system and make it more energy efficient. The maintenance of the system ensures it is not using too much energy to do its’ job. For business owners, the reduction in the amount of energy utilized by the HVAC system will great savings for them. There are few benefits gained with the use of knowledgeable personnel, and they are:

• Reduce the number of breakdowns of the HVAC system
• Prolongs the life and usefulness of the system
• Creates bearable temperatures

A company who knows how to fix HVAC systems in commercial buildings will be able to reduce the number of major breakdowns that may occur. The trained professionals understand the HVAC system should be subjected to annual repairs to prevent major damage from happening. It believed that more than 90 percent of breakdowns happen because the system was not properly maintained. Adhering to a schedule of maintenance will help the system last longer. It is not unusual to see an HVAC system lasting over 20 years because it was subjected to regularly scheduled preventative maintenance. A properly maintained system will ensure indoor temperatures and humidity is bearable and consistent throughout a building. It will provide a clean and good air quality.

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Types of HVAC Systems Found in Commercial Buildings

The expert knowledge of professional should allow them to work all various types of HVAC systems. The three main systems a professional will come in contact with are multi-split, single split, and variable refrigerant flow (VRF). The multi-split system allows connection of multiple inside units to one outside unit. The compressor in the system will function at variable speeds due to part of the system utilizing an inverter technology.. An advantage of using the single split system is if one unit goes down the other units will remain functional. The VRF system is greatly utilized in large buildings. There are two different methods utilized in a VRF system, and they are heat pump system and heat recovery system. The heat pump system will provide either heating or cooling for a building. The heat recovery system is utilized when a large building has several small rooms. It can heat and cool the building simultaneously. The system utilizes wasted heat from other areas of a building to heat rooms and heat hot water. There are only a few systems that an HVAC specialist will need to know to perform maintenance on each type of system.