Why Do I Need Over Toilet Storage?

People will always have space problems. They don’t have a big enough house for the whole family, they don’t have a large enough garage for the cars and they certainly have a small bathroom where they can’t actually store everything the need to store in there.

The general truth of the above statement is also the reason for which we are talking about over toilet storage today and solutions to optimize the space in your bathroom as much as you can without leaving the looks out of the equation.

The drawers that you can purchase are definitely cheap and very reliable since we are aiming towards plastic compartments that can easily be fitted in the space left above the toilet. You can find these at any hardware store for as little as 20 dollars for a complete package with the hardware needed to hang the compartment on the wall. You can also choose from a range of colors and other things like that so the drawer fits as good as possible with the rest of the furniture in your bathroom.

If you can’t install the over toilet storage compartment on your own you can ask for someone do it for you, but if you have ever held a screw driver in your hand you have all the skills to install the item. It only takes a couple of minutes, but you will need to use a drill and some tools that help you level the drawer before you even drill the wholes. Other than that it is a pretty straight forward job that can be done alone without any help.

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Over toilet storage has been developed as an added storage in your bathroom if you need additional space to store anything in there. It is more of a purpose designed idea than it is directed towards the looks, but even so, you can surely have more expensive, custom made drawers to fit your bathroom better. Keep in mind that it is space you are after when you start giving your money away on an expensive custom drawer.