Rosewood Watch Case

If you are like me and love watches you might consider a rosewood watch case to store and protect your treasured collection. The watches your wear can be a facet of your persona so don’t just toss them into a drawer or leave them on top of the dresser. Treat good watches with care and they will serve you for many years. Store and display them in a place especially made for watches.

There are many different styles of watch storage cases made with various materials ranging from cloth covered cardboard to premium grade leather. Wood seems to be a popular choice for many people and the finish depends on personal preference.

What to look for

A good watch case will show quality craftsmanship of study construction with smooth hinges and latches. The interior of the case should be lined in a soft fabric to protect your watches from scratches. Each watch should have a dedicated compartment with cushions large enough to hold the largest watch you intend to wear. Cases are available to hold from 5 to 20 or more watches. Cases holding more than 10 are usually two-tiered. For instance a good two-tiered case with space for 20 watches will have a hinged top for the top tier and a drawer for the lower tier. Many of this design will have removable cushions for storing spare watch links and other jewelry such as cuff links or ear rings. Several models have a clear glass top to display your favorite timepieces.

Where to look

There are several internet stores that sell watch cases. Spend some time and look around to find the perfect case to fit your need. Check for coupons and discounts and look for reasonable shipping costs and return policies. Or you may choose to save time and follow the suggestions of someone who has already done the research.

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