Outdoor Storage Box: Proper Care and Maintenance

Maximize the life of your purchase with proper upkeep of your outdoor storage box. Even though they generally call for little to no maintenance, it likely is not a great idea to neglect easy upkeep. Boxes that will be used outside will be susceptible to all types of conditions depending on where you live. So, if you purchased your box for outdoor use, then it will begin to wear down eventually. It’s extremely smart to maintain your deck storage box, otherwise you will be dishing out more cash in a few years. Typically, these boxes are constructed of either wood, metal, or plastic. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, and require different kinds of maintenance and upkeep. If you want to continue to have yours looking new, keep reading and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Wood Boxes

If you have purchased a wooden outdoor storage box, make sure you finish the box with varnish. If not, the box will get wet and rapidly rot. Clean it using soap and water, scrubbing with a cloth. But don’t leave it damp. Rather, use a clean, dry cloth and wipe down the surfaces. If you leave it wet, you will find water spots and cracks on your box.

If you find the paint flaking or chipping, repaint your wooden box as soon as possible. First, sand the box to remove the old paint and expose the bare wood because painting over the old paint leads to more flaking or rotting. This is important because painting over the old paint will lead to additional peeling and rotting. Every couple years, you will need to re-varnish the box to keep water out.

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Metal Boxes

On a regular basis, wash your metal box with water and soap. You need to make sure it is coated with anti-rust, otherwise it will quickly turn into an eyesore.

Plastic Boxes

Your lowest maintenance alternative is a plastic deck storage box. Plastic boxes manufactured out of high-denisty polyethylene are the best investment. Other kinds of plastic will break down under the elements and become brittle. Wash plastic boxes with soap and water. In my opinion, the best box for the money is the Rubbermaid 5E39 XL Outdoor Storage Box with Seat.

For All Kinds

No matter the sort of deck storage box you prefer, it is important to buy a box with stainless steel hinges. Otherwise, they will eventually rust.