Kona Ice Franchise Review – Promotion Driven

This idea is so much fun. The music, the characters. the colors and lets not forget the sugar buzz. I learned that this business of driving the shaved ice truck around town on a hot summer day is probably equally as fun as it is profitable. The music, video and games found on the company website set the stage for the franchise. From the sound of what the franchise owners say on video testimonial they have found success. They speak to the popularity of the truck and the fun buzz swirling about as they drive from neighborhood to business park to public recreation areas. The truck promotes the business as it travels its route and collects cash from happy patrons. Said patrons asking the driver to return again tomorrow. Now that’s promotion.

The profitability of this concept appears to be strong. Getting started in this business would require a large financial investment and of course there will always be maintenance and insurance fixed costs. This business may also require the hiring and training of employees especially if one wanted to operate multiple vehicles in various cities or towns. Although I previously mentioned that this business promotes and markets itself, because the truck is highly visible and attracts customers to its doors. That may work fine in the start up phase of the business, but seriously who wants to spend hours a day driving around town day after day etc. A better idea may be to promote and market the business for special events, park and just sell shaved ice all day in one location. As they say variety is the spice of life, so the business would be better served by using both methods depending on owner operator preference.

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This Kona Ice franchise idea is fantastically fun. The financial success will surely be determined by one abilities of operating a business and understanding of marketing and promotional techniques. Not to mention determination and solid work ethic. If you should choose this path, I pray good success you will find.