Commercial Artists Benefit From Keeping Several Picture Framing Supplies on Hand

People who sell their artwork, be it fine-art photographs, painting or needlework, will want to always have appropriate picture framing supplies available. If pictures are attractively framed, they can be sold more easily because all the buyer has to do is simply hang it up. If you have a lot of artwork on hand that enjoys a quick turnaround from artist to buyer, then you will want to become familiar with picture framing supplies such as mat board, crystal clear bags and foam core.

Mat Board

Mat board serves several functions in framing artwork. It helps to provide a bit of air space between the glazing and the top of the artwork. This is very important, because artwork, especially delicate photographs, can become damaged if moisture develops inside the frame, which can happen if condensation occurs on the glazing. If there is a bit of air circulation provided by a thick mat board, condensation is less likely to be an issue.

The mat can also add color to your artwork. Matting is available in a wide variety of shades, so that you can select a color to complement or contrast your artwork for the best effect. Mat is available in museum-quality, acid-free versions as well to help preserve your artwork.

Crystal Clear Bags

Clear plastic bags make an excellent choice for those pieces of artwork that have a very quick turnaround. When you place the art inside the bag, the bag protects the artwork, and it allows potential customers to flip through a pile of art without damaging it. These are the type of bags that have been used with valuable comic books for many years. Better quality crystal clear bags are made so that there is no glare from the plastic, allowing an undistorted view of the art inside.

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Foam Core

One of the best picture framing supplies you can keep on hand is this wonderful product. It is used to good effect as a mount board, and it especially comes in handy for when you are framing large pieces of artwork. Mount board made of wood or paper products can weigh a lot, and this can be undesirable for framing a large picture which will be hung. This product is also available in conservation quality styles, which is important because the artwork will come in direct contact with the mount board, so it pays to invest in the best quality picture framing supplies to preserve your fine art.

Other picture framing supplies are available to round out the basics described, so that you will always be prepared to show off your commercial artwork to its best effect.