Skincare is a business that has been changing and growing in our new generation of social media. A lot of the products people are looking for have been directly promoted by social media influencers in which makes people want not only that specific brand that person is using but products of the same kind. One type of skincare products in which demand has been very high in the past couple of years is anti-aging. It’s important to look into all of what makes up these products so you can make a successful product line.


Peptides are a very important part of building the protein that keeps your skin looking youthful. Once amino acids combine with peptides, they create amino peptides which become an important part of protein which builds collagen for your skin. By having a lot of collagen, your skin ends up looking a lot smoother than someone who is older and has had a lot of their collagen break down already. However, it’s possible that you can buy peptides that can be applied to your skin and increase the natural production of the peptides that go into collagen. Consider offering products with peptides if you’re looking to build out a line of anti-aging skincare products.


When the sun hits you on a hot day, you’re having two different types of ultraviolet rays affect your skin, UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are known for what gives you sunburns while UVA rays are what causes skin aging such as wrinkles. Many people choose to have sunscreen on any type of day due to the fact that UVA rays are always hitting you, causing damage from the sun. Offering sunscreen in your line of products can be important as someone who really is into anti-aging will be going to another company if you don’t offer a type of sunscreen. Think about having sunscreen in your anti-aging line before you decide to launch it.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C is prevalent in many of the foods we eat on a daily basis. This vitamin is known for not only being good for the general health of your body but the aging of your skin. It’s been reported before that some people have success in having wrinkles become less apparent as they become older. Not only is vitamin C available in food products, but some skincare manufacturers have opted to put it in their products. Adding this vitamin into any of your formulas can be a good advertising point since many people in the public know about this connection to anti-aging already. Look into Vitamin C when thinking about broadening your skin-care line.


Being competitive in the world of skincare can be difficult. However, building the right anti-aging line with what people want and advertising it correctly can make you big. Make sure that you have a full line of products before launching so customers don’t have to go anywhere else.