4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Archive Storage

At some point in the life span of a business you will need to create more space by archiving old documents. Laws surrounding financial documents dictate that you need to keep a history of 10 years, and when it comes to personal records such as medical, dental or customer details you may want to keep them to hand.

Another reason you may want to archive hard copies of data is because you have transferred the information to an online system such as a database, but want to keep the old paper copies as a backup in case the system goes down.

Many companies keep archived documents on site, maybe in a storage room, because they think that document and archive storage can be expensive or not easy to retrieve. With advances in storage systems this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are five reasons why you should be making use of off-site archive storage:

1. An offsite document and archive storage company will hold your documents in a secure environment. This is often done by CCTV and security personnel giving you absolute peace of mind.

2. You may not realise but you could actually be paying more for storage space in your office than you would do in an off-site location. This is especially true if you have offices in central London.

3. Archive Storage facilities offer a quick and easy way to access your documents. Using bar code technology you can now quickly locate your documents within any storage facility – in most cases all you need to do is book a time to visit the premises.

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4. The conditions in a document storage facility will be more ideal for the long term storage of your paperwork. Over time, documents can lose clarity and quality, where as in a document storage facility the conditions are just right to keep your documents as fresh as the day they went it.

As you can see, these 4 points make up a strong case for relocating your archives to off-site storage facilities.

The next decision that you have to make is when you are going to do it!