Why the Need For Climate Controlled Self Storage Units?

So many people and businesses today are in need of self storage units. As their personal possessions and stocks accumulate and their available space for storage purposes decreases, they have no other choice but turn to the rental units. At least with these storage facilities, they can rest assure that their items will be kept safely whether for the short term or for a longer period.

If you’re one of these people requiring storage space, then it’s important to determine first the type of items you’re going to be keeping inside those units. In this way, you will know which type of units to rent whether a regular one or a temperature controlled unit.

For individuals, ask yourself if you’re going to store appliances and delicate items for a long time. For businesses, find out if you’ll be keeping stocks of dry products or vital documents and perishable items.

If delicate items including those that can easily rot comprise a major part of the things you will be storing in rental units, then a climate controlled self storage facility is what you need. These units have heating and air conditioning systems to protect the items and keep them in the same condition as they were first brought by the owners there. Climate control is an important consideration for many people especially homeowners who plan to eventually dispose of their personal belongings such as after six months to a year of safekeeping. This is also a vital factor considering that in western countries, climate and weather differ from one area to another.

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With a climate controlled self storage facility, the temperature and humidity in the unit is well maintained therefore preventing the occurrence of molds, mildew and warping. What this means is that temperature is steady not going beyond 80 degrees or going lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the location and the climate in the area.

Self storage providers may vary as well in the climate control they apply in their units. Some may offer individual temperature control for each unit while the others may implement a centralized thermostat control through the property manager. The advantage of having just one control is lower electricity costs and energy efficiency which is beneficial to the environment. Additionally, this type of rental unit is better at protecting your valuable items from infestation of pests such as mice and termites.

Ideal belongings that can be securely stored in these rental units with climate control are oil paintings, documents, electronic appliances, photos, antiques, leather, clothing, mattresses, musical instruments and fine furniture. Perishable items such as food also require a temperature controlled room. Documents stored for a long time tend to turn yellowish in color but when kept in a climate control room, this natural process of deterioration can be prevented.

Sizes of climate controlled self storage can vary from small, medium to the large ones. It all depends on the volume of items you need to store.

While these units may command a higher price compared to the standard ones, the benefits you can get are far greater. If sensitive items are what you need to keep, then price shouldn’t really matter.

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