Why Customer Service is Vital in a Self Storage Business

Businesses basically have two major goals – to get more customers and to earn profits. The first is the most important objective because without people to buy from them, these entrepreneurs will not earn anything.

In the self storage industry, customers are also an important part of the business. As a matter of fact, they’re the life of these highly valuable facilities and for this very reason, storage providers should take it upon themselves to attend to their clients in the best way they can.

Private individuals and organizations that utilize self storage or any service for that matter normally give priority to the way businesses support their clients. They gauge the reputation and success of a facility based on various factors and one of them is a quality customer service. People prefer to work with an organization or company that they know will meet their needs and look after them as well as the items they own. They would also usually choose a provider that offers a variety of choices to meet their requirements.

For self storage facilities, there are different aspects of customer service that owners and operators should take into consideration. When these are provided, there’s a good chance that the business will attract more customers and retain existing clients moving forward.

Friendly staff. Having employees who are friendly is a big plus. Potential clients normally feel comfortable when during their first meeting, the front desk staff of the self storage facility are easy to approach and are friendly. These people are always ready to talk to customers with a smile and get along with them with ease.

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Knowledgeable staff. More than just being friendly, the staff should also be well trained. In other words, they should be knowledgeable about the sizes and types of rental units available, the rates per month or per year, the payment method, security system, pest control, deposit required, insurance coverage if any as well as other terms and conditions. As customers will always have questions before making a decision, the front desk staff should know how to answer them properly.

Manner of communication. The way a self storage employee talks to customers is essential. As facilities need clients to be successful in their business, the staff should be trained to improve their communication skills. They should learn not to be emotional when dealing with customers regardless of the attitude being shown to them. Any instance that an employee shows a negative reaction to a potential client such as being sarcastic in answering queries, he or she risks discouraging that person to avail of their service.

Information on policies. The frontliners of a self storage facility must also be responsible for informing clients of the company’s policies. However, this should not be limited to just giving them a flyer or brochure with the policies in there. Employees must also be able to explain further to customers should they find it hard to understand certain terms and conditions. Sometimes, the clients’ knowledge of a facility’s policies also depends on how well the staff were able to expound on them.