Too Many Toys? Buy Wooden Storage Boxes

Has the toy hurricane hit your home? I have two young boys and my house gets nailed with the toy hurricane all of the time. It is amazing how quickly a perfectly clean and tidy home can be dirtied up when children break out all of their toys.

Wooden storage boxes might be the perfect addition to your home. They make great storage for tons of household items. You can store just about anything but a few of the more common items include – blankets, clothes, winter clothes, jackets, mittens, hats, records, photos, files and toys. We have three wooden storage boxes in our home because we needed a place to store all of the toys. With some routine discipline our kids now put away their toys in these wonderful boxes. Their play area can go from looking like a disaster zone to one where everything is neat, tidy and very presentable to guests.

There are many types of wooden storage boxes to purchase. They come in all kinds of colors, sizes and styles. You can find something simple and clean or a fancy one with wood carvings. If large and durable enough they can make great pieces of furniture or even seats. You will often find them in front of a bay window inviting you to sit on them. There are some very nice pieces that can really go well with your existing decor.

Another popular use for a wooden storage box is jewelry. Of course, these are much smaller than one that you would use for toys. These wooden boxes are durable and are typically engraved to give it a style that makes it a natural for holding something as important as jewelry.

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If you are one who likes to keep a neat and orderly home the addition of these storage boxes might be perfect for you. In a quick pinch you can literally open these things up, toss everything in there and close it to hide away the mess. You can turn a messy room into a clean one within just a few minutes.