The garage door is a commodity that is taken for granted in many cases throughout the country of the United States of America. Since the beginning of garage doors they have been used for storing and making transportation and the storage for that transportation a whole lot easier. In this article we will be discussing the garage door as far as it’s purpose and identity, the history of garage doors, and how to repair a garage door. A garage door repair phoenix az can be tricky but with the help of some research and study the process of repairing a garage door can be seamless.

What is a garage door? Well according to Wikipedia a garage door is a rectangular cover for the garage itself. It comes in a variety of sizes but typically has enough room for a couple of full sized vehicles. On both the small and the large sizes the garage door is pulled up and over until the door is parallel to the ceiling on reels. There is an operating mechanism that contains a spring and a motor to reel the garage doors open and closed. The spring makes it so that initially the motor does not need to work as hard to get things going. All this applies only when the garage door is not manually opened and closed. Some other garage doors swing out side ways or slide to the side and most garage doors are usually made out of metal, fiberglass, or wood. Larger facilities with larger vehicles will require that garage doors are to be larger than normally. The garage doors may even be insulated in order for heat to be retained inside of the unit. Before many panels were used to construct a garage door it used to be made primarily out of one big panel that rolled up on tracks to each side.

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What is the history of the garage door? Well according to documentation some of the first garage doors came out of the time when chariots would be stored in places called gatehouses. To protect towns and castles gate houses were made to contain the most weapons albeit they proved themselves to be the weakest part of any castle or building structure at a town. In the United States the idea of the garage door emerged around nineteen thousand and six when it first started to appear in magazines dubbed the float over door. Things took a major change for the garage when the auto mobile first came out because people did not want to get rainwater and snow inside of their vehicles which did not have roofs at the time. For this reason they typically would park their cars in barns or other existing structures to protect their cars from the elements. Interestingly enough the private garages did not come into the market until after public garages were the only thing available to the communities in urban areas as long as they payed a monthly fee.