The Benefits Of Digitizing Paper Documents

Modern businesses typically use a mix of computer files and paper documents to keep track of information and make sure that business can continue as usual. Those businesses that keep records primarily in the form of paper documents and files are at a disadvantage, though. Read on to find out why it’s a good idea to digitize important documents.

Secure Storage

The only way to ensure that paper documents are safe from potential risks like theft, fires, and other natural disasters is to store off-site backups of every page, doubling the amount of room required to store files and complicating the company’s record-keeping strategies. With digitized files produced by a document scanning bloomington mn business owners can make as many copies as they’d like of their important files and keep backups on external hard drives or in the cloud. Digitized documents can be password protected, too, which makes it easier to keep out prying eyes.

Save Space

It takes far less space to store documents digitally than it does to keep hard copies. Even if business owners are just looking for a way to back up their important files, it makes more sense for them to make digital copies and store them on hard drives or on the cloud than it does to make physical copies. According to one source, it’s possible to store an average of 677,963 pages of plain text, 165,791 pages of Excel spreadsheets, or 15,477 pages of images, per gigabyte. Given that many of today’s external hard drives hold multiple terabytes of data, most business owners have no trouble storing electronic copies of all their documents on-site.

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Save Time

Searching through paper documents can be a nightmare, especially if not everyone at the company has been conscientious about following the same filing standards. When documents are stored electronically, anyone who has been authorized to view them can find exactly what they need in a matter of minutes. This gives employees more time to focus on other important aspects of their jobs.

Accessibility and File Sharing

It’s much easier to make copies of digital documents to share with authorized personnel, clients, or business associates than it is to make multiple copies of physical documents before every meeting. Uploading files to the cloud makes sharing them even more convenient since authorized users can access them from just about anywhere provided, they know the password and the file has been approved for off-site sharing. It’s also easier to keep track of who has viewed or edited digital documents.

The Bottom Line

Whether business owners want to create copies of their companies’ most important documents to protect them against fire damage and theft or they’re looking for a more convenient way to share information with relevant parties, digitizing documents is the way to go. It makes file sharing and information searches more convenient, frees up space in the office, and ensures that no matter what nature has planned, the company’s data will be safe and secure. There are even companies that provide secure document scanning services for reasonable rates, so there’s no need for employees to waste their time performing this repetitive task themselves. No matter how they cut it, any business owners who are paying attention will see that it’s a good idea.

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