Should You Buy a New Home Or Should You Remodel What You Have?

Have you been pondering for a long time on doing something about that kitchen or bathroom; there just is not enough room for anything anymore. Things are getting so cluttered, even in the bathroom there is not enough room for any towels and the toiletries are all piling up; it is starting to look like one of the through all drawers. What to do, and which room should we start on first is a big question mark. Step back and take a good assessment on where your priorities are with your needs and the extremes of the situation; every home is different. Do you need to consider extending a room because it is just a little too small or do you need to add a shelf storage cabinet to give yourself a little more space? Moving the bath tub or shower differently or combing them into one is a possibility, or installing a bathroom wall cabinet is a thought or similar would be bath storage cabinets. There are so many choices now days with all of the home improvement options available for the average person; you need to step back and take a look and start making some logical decisions.

Some people make a decision that they do not like their home and start playing with the idea to sell it and look into buying a new home; and with the prices of the market and mortgage rates it would be almost foolish when there are so many other options. Consider the amount of a new home could average with a wide range but for example let us play with $100,000 to $900,000 and this is going to turn into a 30 to 40 year mortgage payment. These are some pretty steep decisions to consider.

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A person should consider other venues such as the possibilities to remodel; it would much more logical to determine what you do not like about your present home and fix it or change it totally so that you are happy and enjoy living there. A few things to consider would be is it just the inside or outside that you are not happy with, or a landscaping issue; and of course there is the decision that it is a little bit of both and something in all of the rooms. And, that is OK at least you know now what you do not like about your home; and now you have a place to begin.

Take each room and start making notes and diagrams of everything that you want to change; adding shelving, knocking out a wall and extending a room, flooring and painting. Some beautiful vibrant colors can change a room entirely. Re-varnishing some existing closets or woodwork even change drapery and some furniture; you would be surprised how bad the furniture can make a house look. Then move onto the landscaping and decide the colors and areas you would like to see in your front and back yard.

Now that you have decided on renovation you can apply for a simple home improvement loan for maybe $50,000 instead of a 40 year mortgage and fix your home up the way that you want it to be and not having to accept things the way they are even when buying a new home. Hire a contractor to do the heavy duty things and do the rest yourself; you will be surprised how much the family themselves can do going to a home improvement store and shop for good bargains.

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