Wood pulp fibers are used to form a variety of useful products. One of these is cardboard tubes. Cardboard tubes, that is, cylindrical tubes designed to be filled by rolled up, many small items, or very sensitive items that must not be broken at any cost. There are a wide variety of types with various diameters, lengths, and thickness. Examples of items typically found in these tubes include posters, blueprints, signs, banners, paintings, artwork, pencils, medical specimens, hazardous chemicals, and small fragile items.

In this manufacturing process, ribbons of cardboard are spiral bound with adhesives for added strength. However, there are differentiations of strength in these tubes. This is because some have more layers or cardboard ribbon than others. The end product is always so strong and durable that it can withstand just about any amount of denting, bumping, and dropping. It is pretty much impossible to bend them even if you try to do so. In the manufacture of all their cardboard products, some companies utilize recycled cardboard.

The strongest tubes can be reused by your recipient or it can be easily set aside by yourself to be used later. It is when these ultra-sturdy tubes are damaged that they are put into recycling. You can also purchase tubes specially designed for ultra-sensitive items. Such containers are oftentimes coated with an aluminum interior so the items inside are protected. Pragmatism is not always the drawing point; many manufacturers also offer a different variety of decorated cylinders. This decoration comes in the form of coating, papering, and printing.

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There are usually many options for all three. These are especially popular options for celebratory special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays. Any cardboard shipping tube is always stronger than a typical square shipping box. The tubes are glued at the ends via either removable metal plugs, plastic caps, or wooden plugs. Most shipping tube will offer a variety of choices for each of these options. White plastic plugs are the most commonly used shipping tube end. This type of plug is typically secured via tape or staples.

Of course, the tube might be the type that doesn’t need any of this and can simply be closed and glued together at the ends. These are usually small, lightweight tubes used to send parts to and from manufacturers. One of its great popularities of the white plastic plug comes from the fact that it usually goes the best with decorative tubes. However, it is also very often used with just plain cardboard tubes. Outside diameter plugs are another popular option. These are often used to fit the inside diameter of shipping tubes.

You can also purchase tubes with a coin slot. The postal personnel who do the packaging always do careful measurements and analysis to make sure the tube used (if required) is exactly the right size and diameter required. They will even have access to triangular shipping tubes will they may judge necessary. For all of these reasons, many people view sending stuff postal via tubing packages the best choice.