People need to protect themselves. You can search online for any type of a personal protection device. There are ways that can be as subtle or obvious as one desires. Some areas are still safe enough for doors to be left unlocked, but others are getting worse. Women need to protect themselves, no matter how safe an area. There is law enforcement, but it takes time for them to arrive. Businesses have products to help until they do get there. They also have items that can prevent situations from getting out of the public areas where they start.

Date Rape

The fact is that women are unable to enjoy a night out at a bar as often as they want. This is especially true around college towns. There are kits to prevent this. One, that has made the news, is a fingernail polish that changes colors. There are other kits that available, with more on the way. Women need this, as some guys are too easily able to get their hands on the drugs that allow them to control someone for a short time. It is a comfort to many that people have worked hard to detect them.

Distress Beacon

Another way for people to protect themselves, in a way that is not violent, is a distress beacon. Few people have considered these or have even heard of them. They are a device that when a button is pushed that it sends a distress call out to certain people or the police. There are apps for the phone that do the same thing. That allows someone to send out a signal without having to worry about talking on a phone. It also gives a location to those who are sent to help.

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Painful Options

There are protection devices that will cause harm, but not kill. There is mace, stun guns, bear spray, and other such devices. These devices are painful to those that are on the receiving end. They are an emphasis when other ways have not gotten the point across, and the person does not want to pull a firearm. They can cause someone to remember that lesson for a while. The one issue that people need to be aware of, is that some areas have laws against these items. Legislators and local areas do not want people to protect themselves in this manner.

People need to protect themselves and there are many ways to do this. There are businesses that are able to provide them. The right business can even help explain the best way to use these devices. While looking online can help find good deals, always make sure to know the legal restrictions. If traveling, know the laws of that area, as well. A person defending themselves can go to jail for doing so. Protection is important, which is why businesses have made it a big business. Just make sure, when choosing, that education is part of the process.