Plastic Outdoor Storage Boxes For the No-Shed Solution

Back in my renovating days I lived in a small unit near the city. It was a two storage place with very limited storage space. I had a space under the stairs which filled very quickly and I also put some items into plastic storage boxes and stored them in the roof. I still had some tools and shovels and things that used to live in my garage, however at this unit I only had a carport and it wasn’t secure or very weatherproof.

Out the back I had a nice paved courtyard/patio area that was about 20′ x 20′. It was big enough for entertaining, but a shed would simply take up too much room. I found some great outdoor storage boxes that are designed to withstand water, sun and really bad weather. I’ll go through some of the different types.

Large plastic storage boxes that look like pretty dumpsters can be bought for serious storage. Some models have front opening doors as well as a lid, this allows access to the contents of the box at all levels. This is good as these large bins are often very deep and access from just a lid is difficult.

The type of plastic outdoor storage box that I got is shaped like a flat bench with a cushion top lid. Due to my small courtyard this meant I didn’t lose any space as guests were able to sit on the box in comfort when I had people over. This box is so handy I still have it at my current place, although instead of keeping shovels and garden tools I now use it to store the cushions from my other outdoor chairs and benches.

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If you prefer the traditional shed style for storage you can buy plastic versions of these. These are great because brooms, shovels, rakes and the like can be stored upright. Also, the shed can easily be moved if you wish to rearrange the furniture in your backyard.

So when looking for plastic outdoor storage boxes keep in mind what you are planning on storing in it and how large the area is you have to put the box. These two points should guide you towards a great decision.