Ideas For Furniture Storage Whilst Renovating

Home renovations and improvements are generally a messy job. Whether you’re getting stuck into a bit of Do It Yourself or relying on professional tradesmen, the chances are that any significant building work will cause plenty of dust and debris. So it makes sense to move all your contents out of harm’s way.

If you strip your room back to the boards and walls you’ll create plenty of room for working and you’ll eliminate the chances of some of your furniture or furnishings getting trashed. Lots of homeowners, particularly in cities like London, don’t have the space to spare in a garage or spare room, and so the logical step is off site storage.

There are a few options for off site storage:

You could borrow a garage, but make sure it’s warm, dry and secure – otherwise you might find the rodents have made a nest in the chaise lounge, or worse, chewed through the cables on the electric candelabra! Of course, you will need a friend with spare garage space to do this one.

You could rent a back-street lockup; there are plenty of people renting out their spare space on a domestic basis. Most will be decent honest people – but be wary. Be sure of whom you’re dealing with and that the lock-up is properly secure and weatherproof.

You could use a reputable removals firm; it’s reliable and they’ll do the heavy lifting but often more expensive and less-convenient. Removals firms will collect your contents and then store your things at their warehousing. As a rule you’ll have less control over when you can move your stuff and the ‘all-in’ price can be considerable.

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They can also be less accessible in the unlikely event that you’ll need to get something back out of store quickly. Plus, overrun on your project and you could find that the extra time gets pricey with penalty fees. Check whether these will apply before signing up.

You could use self storage; convenience, flexibility and keeping costs down are the three big advantages that self storage brings. A self storage unit is effectively a safe and secure rentable spare room in a building full of spare rooms. As the ‘self’ part suggests you’ll need to be prepared to do the lifting yourself. But if you really can’t face that there are plenty of ‘man in van’ removals firms who you can pay to do that job for you. Shop around for Storage Companies that offer a Price Promise (you can play them off against one another to get the lowest price). Plus, if you are prepared to do the lifting, many storage companies offer free van hire when you rent a storage unit, which can save on the transport too.

You could refurnish; if you’re going to the time, effort and expense of refurbishing your property- and your current furniture is worn out – you might simply choose to refurnish. If you are taking that path and were going to take your old furniture to the tip or recycling centre, think again. There are plenty of furniture reuse charities who could do something with it, they’re worth looking up.

Good luck with your project and keep those contents safe.

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