Four Things to Consider When Buying an Industrial Boiler

Industrial boilers are essential and highly beneficial for large businesses. However, there are many things to take into consideration before deciding on which boiler you will purchase. Just because an industrial boiler is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it is the right boiler for you. Cost does not always equal value in some cases. Things can get quite confusing when trying to choose the right boiler for your specific needs. Hopefully, this article will help you narrow things down to make life easier for you.


Even though cost does not necessarily determine value, it is definitely a good idea to take it into consideration. Industrial boiler maintenance programs come at a price and a good manager must consider the benefits of an industrial boiler as well as the cost. You have to think about preventing failures so that there is a decrease in downtime instead of an increase. If you install the proper boiler, you shouldn’t have as much downtime as you would with the incorrect boiler. The right boiler can help improve safety and you can save water from water and energy usage.


There are basically two common types of fuel-fired boilers. These are the water-tube systems and the fire-tube systems. The water-tube boilers can send hot gases over tubed filled with water. As for the fire-tube system, hot gases circulate through tubes that are submerged in water. In either case, both systems can be utilized to produce steam and yield similar power. Majority of checks done on industrial boilers are done once everyone to four years by industrial boilers manufacturers that specializes in industrial boiler maintenance.

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Industrial Boilers Come in Different Sizes

The boilers can be different in sizes depending on the amount of hot water or steam that is used to meet occupant and area demands. If the boiler that you pick is too big, it can be too expensive to use and maintain. If the boiler is too small, there is a chance that it will not be able to keep up with the temperature requirements. If you are the owner of the building where the boiler will be installed, you must take proper area measurements before you make your decision on the industrial boiler you will buy.

System Diagnostics

The techniques that a manager should use to extend the life of an industrial boiler can vary. Depending on which technique the manager chooses, the efficiency of the boiler can be increased. Meters on makeup water lines can help monitor flow and detect leaks on closed loop systems. If you want to optimize energy recovery, an automatic surface conductivity blowdown system could be installed, and it will correctly control TDS. It is highly advised to constantly check the piping and storage tanks insulation. To get the best performance out of your boiler, make sure to turn it on a regular basis. This strongly correlates to reducing wear on components.