Finding Short Term Self Storage Solutions is Easier Than You Think

Are you looking for short term self storage solutions? There are many choices available. For instance in Canada arise in new construction, or a conversion of unused industrial buildings, for use as multilevel self storage facilities for business or personal use.

An advantage for quite a few concerns in Canada in using an existing building for storage units is that in areas where land is scarce for building new utilizing space already available makes a lot of sense. Another plus is that an existing and established building already has traffic around thus customers are more easily enticed in.

The kind of storage of the self service variety that is chosen is largely dependent on what the needs of the business is. Rooms where the climate is controlled are on offer for items that need protection from the cold in winter months. Other rooms, units, or lockers are built specifically to store files, office furniture, or other documents.

Sizes of individual units are varied. They range from about 25 square feet up to 500 square feet or more to better suit any requirement that a business can have. From rarely used tools to inventory that is seasonal to archives.

Ways to access the storage units also are varied according to what is preferred. There are some with outdoor access making it possible to drive up to the door of the locker and access the goods inside or unload your items into them from your vehicle. There are still others that are built with entry points that are covered or are accessed through elevators, for second floor lockers and above, and access corridors.

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The majority of storage units are windowless and constructed of corrugated metal and are accessed by a metal door that is rolled up. There are others that with added security in mind that have wire mesh or chain link ceilings rather than suspended ones.

Some larger units are considered an alternative to the leasing of expensive and inflexible warehouse space. Self storage facilities on the other hand can offer solutions that are a tad more flexible. Space can be rented for any length of time that a business requires, from one month to many years.

Help is also available if your business is remodeling or moving. Boxes of various sizes, packing supplies, and tape are offered at many storage facilities for customer convenience. Some of them even offer moving trucks, pallets and carts as an inducement to renting a storage room from them.

Most facilities offer security features, such as interior unit lights, controlled access, individual locks and door alarms, and security cameras, if that is a concern. Other facilities, for added security, employ key cards, security guards, and/or hand or biometric thumbprint scanners as a further assurance that only those who should are granted access. The items that are in storage are more often than not are stored there at the owners risk. Insurance of the goods can be purchased by the tenant.

So if you are looking for short term self storage solutions it has become easier that in the past for those in business in Canada because of the variety of choices and services available for all kinds of needs. Due in most part by the increase in locations that are able to store nearly anything that your business would need the room for.

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