Cabinet Layouts and Styles for an Organized Garage

The addition of cabinets to any garage will not only improve the organization of the space but will dramatically improve the aesthetics of the area. Garage storage cabinets and cabinet designs have come a long way. Just like your kitchen cabinets, garage cabinets have evolved to include a variety of styles and colors and are stunning in appearance.

Cabinets will get rid of the clutter that is so common today in a private garage or personal workshop. Designate a place for every portable power tool, garden tool and supplies. This will make your work space more efficient, your projects will go smoother, and your life will be less stressful. Eliminate the mess behind doors and on the floor in the corner. Create a more organized and orderly appearance.

Cabinet options include wall cabinets, base cabinets, pantry style units, and mechanics cabinets with multiple drawers for small tools, parts, and gadgets. For portability you can add cabinets with wheels. These easy to roll, caster mounted, cabinets make it fast and easy to rearrange your workspace for special projects.

As far as the layout, the possibilities are endless and are dependent upon your personal needs, likes, and dislikes. A common layout is a row of base cabinets which double as a workbench. Above the bench mount a row of wall cabinets. Shorten the workbench and install a full height pantry at each end of the bench if you need additional storage space for paint cans, hardware, and other large items. To create a user friendly work area mount a light above the bench and install power outlets on the back wall.

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Experiment with other layouts that may be more suited to your needs. Perhaps you have a 2 car garage but only one car. In this case an L-shaped or U-shaped design layout would add ample storage space for most any requirements. If you have larger vehicles or a smaller garage consider wall cabinets only, with some flip out counter space or roll-around workbenches. If you are adding a table saw to the mix, put it on wheels too.

Before you decide on a layout sketch out your design to see how it all works out. Grab a standard sheet of graph paper and draw an outline of your garage to scale. Each A�” square on the graph paper would equal one foot. Then sketch in the cabinets that you intend to install. Remember that a standard base cabinet is about 2 foot deep or 2 squares on your graph paper. Be sure to allow space for opening the drawers or swinging out the pantry doors.

Your sketch should also include your cars, motorcycle, or other large items stored in your garage. Include a location for your lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and pressure washer. Now that you have everything in place; check to see that you have room to open your car doors and walk around inside. It is much easier to erase a line than to relocate a wall mounted cabinet.

If you are computer savvy, perhaps you would prefer to do your layout in PowerPoint. Just set the page size to 20 inches by 20 inches for a 20 ft x 20 ft garage. Add scaled solid boxes for your car and your cabinets. The boxes can easily be moved around to test out different layouts. Be sure to show the location of the garage doors, windows, and the entrance to your home. For the more adventuresome, you may want to try a free online CAD program like Sketch-up, this could even be fun.

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Available garage cabinet colors range from simple natural wood to rich, dark, wood grain stains and anything in between. Choose light maple, almond, Folkstone grey, or any color to match the d?�cor of your home or your personal taste. For the hunter or fisherman in the family, you will even find cupboards in a Mossy Oak Camouflage finish.

If a European look is more your style, select a cabinet with a modern look. This is a sleek design with chrome and black accents. The radius corners and smooth automotive like sheen offers a contemporary, refined, appearance. The polyurethane coating over the MDF structure offers a rigid, durable product. The smooth PVC finish not only looks great, it is also easy to clean up. The 4″ adjustable feet make installation a cinch, even on an unlevel garage floor. These easy to assemble kits are available in black and graphite grey.

For a more rugged appearance consider a steel cabinet. The black frame complimented by two tone silvervein door panels creates an eye catching, modern look for your garage. The sturdy construction will withstand heavy use in a more active workshop or garage. If you perform a lot of automotive maintenance, or small engine repair in your shop, the black textured powder coat finish will conceal the dirt, oil, grease, and grime.