Bike Racks For The Home

There are so many bicycle storage options available on the market today that finding the right one to use is pretty simple. There are many bike racks for the home, which are available as you will see.

There are certain bicycle storage racks that you are able to have in your home, garage or apartment that you can use such as a tension-loaded rack from the floor to the ceiling.

There are many other types of storage options that will work effectively and securely that will enable you to store your bike in a space that is small or large.

Other types of Indoor Bicycle Storage include:

• Free standing floor

• Ceiling to floor tension bicycle storage

• Wall mounted bike storage

• Vertical storage for your bicycle

• Wall hooks

If you live in a small space and you own a bicycle, you obviously will want to have a good and secure way to store your bike. You will also need a way to store your bike that will not take up a lot of room.

If you have some wall space, you will be able to mount your bike on a wall with a wall hook or a wall mounted rack.

If you only have a small floor space to put your bike, there are great freestanding bike racks that can hold 1-6 bikes. This is a stand-alone rack that has however many mounts that you need.

Floor bike racks will take up a slightly larger area but there are some that are collapsible. It’s up to you how much space you think you will have to store your bike and whether or not you will be able to store it on the wall or the floor.

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Bicycle storage racks for the home are many and there are other things to consider, for example; how easy the bike rack is to assemble or mount. The freestanding floor bike rack is easy to assemble and is easy to move if necessary.

Ceiling to floor bike racks are also easy to assemble and they work like a tension-loaded unit. They will work from 7 – 11 feet in height from floor to ceiling.

Bike racks for the home are easy to find and there are many different companies that make high quality and inexpensive bike racks that will fit in any space in your apartment, office, garage and more.

Decide where you want to store your bike and then you’ll be able to see which kind of bike storage rack will work best for you.