A Business Is Often as Stable as the Weakest Connection

There’s a lot to be said about stability in the business world. It’s something that every company strives for to some extent. To be fair, the conditions in which one operates might not be overly stable. And that instability might even be part of your overall business plan. For example, a continually fluctuating market is what gives rise to the whole idea of buying low and selling high.

But even when one takes the bull philosophy in mind, it’s still stability of a sort. It’s a bit like working to stand still and strong in the midst of a storm. You learn to find stability in yourself in those instances. Likewise, in a rapidly changing market you learn to stabilize your own business plans. You factor in much of the instability around you.

But it’s easy to focus a bit too much on the more metaphorical aspects of stability. We often depend so much on planning that we forget there’s a concrete reality to plan for as well. For example, when one has an office it’s important to know that the ground underneath it is stable. It needs to be able to stand up to slight tremors or a low-grade earthquake. We need to know the roof will stay stable even in a storm. And finally, anyone with components that require transportation will need to find stability and reliability in those parts.

This is true no matter how high or low tech something might be. And in fact, some of the best stability comes from older techniques. For example, a high-tech locking mechanism is only as strong as the weakest connection. A frayed wire can be enough to cause the entire locking mechanism to fail. But a standard tow hitch doesn’t really have any weak points. Tow hitches, also known as trailer hitches, consist of interlocking solid material. Even the weakest point of one is still quite strong. It’s one of the reasons why so many people have flocked to local solutions for a trailer hitch. For example, most trailer hitch installation king county wa style is a match for most tow hitch related issues.

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And this is one of the more surprising elements of success in some areas of a business. Obviously, a trailer hitch isn’t the secret to success for every company. But it often is for those who need to attach two traveling components which have a significant heft to them. And in general, it’s important to consider the principle behind the hitch as well.

We looked at the issue of overall stability already. But there’s also another principle to keep in mind. That’s the idea that one should use the simplest possible solution to a problem. We often find ourselves trapped by our idea of modernity. We think that new is always better. And to be sure, that often is the case with high-tech components. But it’s a mistake to assume that high-tech is always the answer. Sometimes it’s best to go with time tested stability.

Time tested stability means going with solutions which have worked for dozens of years. Or even solutions which have proven themselves over dozens of decades. In the end one needs to simply concentrate on these two principles for success in business. Ensure stability and use time tested solutions when confronted with a problem.