5 Things to Remember When Packing to Keep Items From Breaking

When moving out, packing in itself is a big challenge already. Who wants to uncover broken things anyway? It is frustrating when you’ve taken all the time to pack-up and eventually find out that your fragile items are broken for the reason that they wasn’t packed the right way. The key to successful packing can only be achieved with the right packing techniques and of course with the help of the right storage boxes. Here are some of the most important things that you need to follow when packing your delicate items from breaking.

Wrap items individually. First and foremost when you pack your items, especially the fragile ones, you have to see to it that you wrap each of them separately. You can use bubble wraps or news paper to wrap each of your breakable items. The bubble wrap and news paper will serve as the cushion of every item which you have to provide. If you don’t have bubble wraps and news papers, you can also make use of tissue paper. After wrapping each item, secure with tape so the wraps won’t slip or fall-off.

Categorize your wrapped items. It is important that you categorize your items according to size and kind. It matters that you put like items in the same box. For example, tiny items such as figurines in similar sizes should be categorized as one group, porcelain and ceramics as another group, and larger vases as another. You have to remember that even in packing, you have to be organized not just to get things done easier, but also to protect them.

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Arrange like items in one cardboard storage box. Alike things should always go together, in terms of kind, size and weight. After you have categorized your items into groups, make sure to arrange the different items into separate boxes, layering them carefully. This is to be able to distribute the weight of the items evenly inside the box. When items are not of the same weight and size, there is a bigger possibility that some items will be break. If you need to pack large items into individual boxes, then do.

Fill-in the free spaces inside the box. To prevent the items inside from moving while they are being transported, it is better that you put something else in between the spaces to make sure that each item stays in place. You can make use of crumpled news papers, or paper cut into small pieces or cloth, or styrofoam or anything light that would help fill-in the space. With all the empty space filled with something, you need not worry even when the road gets rough because the items inside the boxes won’t move around and bump each other.

Pack the boxes securely. After making sure that all your items inside are intact and well arranged, the only thing left for you to do is secure all the boxes with proper closure. This is to prevent the boxes from opening and spilling-out during transportation.

Packing may take a lot of time and dedication from your end but when you reach your destination with all the things you packed in good condition, it’ll all be worth it. No amount of time can replace your investments. Just give each item enough patience and allow the right cardboard storage boxes to help you out.

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