Helpful Tips for Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

Helpful Tips for Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

When the time comes that you would need to use a storage facility, don’t just go for what is nearest you or the cheapest in the list. Your belongings are valuable (otherwise you wouldn’t be keeping them) and you need to ensure that they will be kept with utmost care until such time that you can bring them back home with you or decide what to do with them after. Remember that self-storage facilities are services and as such you need to consider certain important factors before committing to getting one. Here are some useful tips to guide you in your decision:

1. Check the condition and safety of the facility.

All self-storage facilities would guarantee that your belongings are safe from theft or vandalism but don’t just take their word for it. Make a physical inspection of the building and its surrounding environment. Is it in a safe area or neighborhood? Has the company invested in a security system or any device? A basic security system for a self-storage facility would include a video surveillance system, heavy duty locks for each storage unit and a security alarm. There are even self-storage facilities with gates outfitted with access codes for the individual units and locks with their own alarm device. If the company has taken measures to install state-of-the art security systems check this off your list of requirement.

Equally important is the condition of the self-storage facility. Check that the unit is clean, well-lit, properly ventilated, dry and pest-free. The roofing and gutters should also be in good condition, with no cracks, leaks or debris.

2. It helps to deal with friendly and reliable staff.

A good self-storage business employs people who are customer service-oriented. There should be a manager that you can consult with and who can resolve any concerns you may have about the facility and staff members who are courteous and readily available to help you. If there is no one around every time you come to access your unit or if the staff cannot be easily reached when you need them, this can be a red flag for a badly-managed facility.

3. Consider the variety in the sizes of the unit.

Once you have determined the amount of items that you will be storing, shop around for a self-storage facility that offers a range of unit sizes. You don’t want to pay for a unit that fits an entire car when all you need is a small one for your belongings. The smallest standard unit is 5 x 5 feet which is equivalent to a small closet space and can go up to 24 x 25 feet enough to fit a boat, RV or trailer and other items.

4. Read the contract and its fine prints.

Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions before committing to rent the unit. Aside from the monthly cost of the unit, check out for any other extra charges that the company may have. Some charges to look for include penalties for late payments, extra dues for insurance, early termination of contract or security deposits.


How to Begin Investing in Self-Storages

How to Begin Investing in Self-Storages

At one time, about 30 years or more, to invest in self storages was a really big thing to do. But with the passage of time, even small towns have their own self-storage facilities. So, to invest in it now would require a lot of research to check if there is, in fact, any room for more. If there is, it could lead to a slew of advantages to this investment in real estate.

Why invest in self-storages?

Self-storage is geared to meet several of one’s investment goals. For example, it can give high investment returns, along with a very small risk. And it lets one choose one’s level of involvement. By investing in this business, you get these benefits:

Gives 20% returns or more

You can show your cash flow very quickly

You can increase your investment value in no time

You can manage your investment risk

How to begin investing:

To begin investing in self-storages, naturally you will first want to check the advantages and disadvantages of having to invest in self-storages. You will soon find out that there are some really big benefits that you can reap if you put your money in self-storage properties.

What will you consider when investing in this field?

First, check out the size of the property itself. Self-storage properties could be as basic as a parking space to something as big and complex as multiple-level buildings with several units. As the units in your self-storage facility rise, so will your duties to them.

Next, take a hard look at whether you can handle the responsibilities of a storage facility. If you can’t, it might be best for you to hire a manager to help you out with this.

Thirdly, go on inspections of the facilities you are interested in before you actually put money down on any self-storage facility. Hire certified inspectors to do this for you. Don’t let the seller’s inspector give you details of the property.

If you set foot into this lucrative industry in this way, you could soon own a self-storage facility and earn good money on it.

Besides all the leg-work described above, here are some real reasons for you to invest in self-storage:

It’s easy to enter this lucrative business on a low investment

Buying and owning commercial property has the power of good returns with the tax breaks and other government sops

It makes complete sense to invest in self-storages if you look at the rates of taxes, insurance and utilities, which aren’t likely to rise except gradually.

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Kids Bunk Beds – The Ideal Bed For Your Children

Kids Bunk Beds – The Ideal Bed For Your Children

We always want to give what is best for our children. As parents, we would want them to have everything within their reach. We want them to enjoy their stay in our homes and keep them happy and appeased. It is our duty as parents to keep our homes as enjoyable as possible for them.

Kids spend a huge portion of their time inside their bedrooms. This is where they play and do every little thing that they find enjoyable to do like rolling over, jumping up and down, and running around the entire room. Normally, the kids’ room is smaller than the usual size of our bedroom which makes it hard for kids to enjoy playing inside due to the unavailability of adequate space. To make things worst, some parents are mistakenly setting up large-sized bedroom furniture inside which occupies a lot of space inside the bedroom.

We definitely do not want our children to feel too crowded and tight inside.Moreover, as their loving parents, we want our children to get the most out of their bedroom. In doing so, we have to be aware of the bedroom furniture inside their should look for bedroom fixtures that are functional and can free up the needed space inside the kids’ bedroom.

Among the most recommended choices for children’s bedroom are storage beds such as kids bunk beds.These types of beds for children are designed to save more space inside the children’s bedroom. Kids bunk beds are making use of several other bedroom fixtures and combine them into a single unit. Aside from the bed for sleeping, bunk beds also have storage cabinets for the kid’s clothes, and a study area.

Most of these bunk beds are available in double deck and twin designs where children can enjoy climbing the top of the bunk bed. These designs can free up space and provide more functionality inside the bedroom by combining two beds in one and in small amount of bunk beds are available in varying themes and designs that kids can enjoy. The size of the room will never be a concern because most of these beds are customized to suit varying room sizes.

Aside from kids bunk beds, another great option for children’s bedroom comes in the form of a trundle bed. A trundle bed is a bed appropriate for children’s bedroom and provides more sleep space as well as storage popular designs of this type of bed feature an additional mattress, an extra bed and a storage cabinet underneath. This space-saving type of bed is also available in all sorts of themes and designs that children can choose from.

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Homeserve USA Customer Service

Is 2010 the Perfect Year to Franchise Your Existing Business?

Is 2010 the Perfect Year to Franchise Your Existing Business?

Most small businesses at one time or another have a dream about franchising their existing company. That is to say, selling franchised outlet with their brand name all over the country. For many this is a fleeting dream when they realize they need $1 million in startup capital just to franchise their existing business, at a time they realize that they need to pour more money into their company to grow it locally. It becomes a Catch-22.

Nevertheless, for those companies that end up with multiple outlets in a region, a strong brand name, and customers lining up at the door, that dream becomes more pervasive, it’s hard to turn off. How do I know this? Because I used to have those dreams every day, and then one day I acted upon them and franchised my company. Over little more than a decade, we had franchised the company in 23 states and 450 cities; franchising works.

Now then, if you are in a similar position and you have the funding to go for it, 2010 might be the perfect year for you to franchise your existing business and let me tell you why. You see, the economy appears to be recovering and consumers and customers are coming back to the stores to shop and buy. This means if you franchise your business now your franchisees can cash in on the upturn in the market, and it will make it much easier for them to succeed.

The more successful franchises you have, the more buyers will come to your door to purchase additional units. Therefore, you can see that it makes sense to franchise your business right as the economy is recovering. There are a few challenges of course; one, is with commercial credit for your franchise buyers, and another one is in “God forbid ” we go into a double dip recession, it could make things very tough.

Of course, there is another reality and that is one with extended job losses, layoffs, and higher unemployment figures, there will be more people in the market to buy franchises. And that’s something also you should consider. Think on it.

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Hire a Business Manager to Widen Your Storage Business

Hire a Business Manager to Widen Your Storage Business

The storage industry is a highly lucrative one as the demand for all types of storage including household or commercial has gone up tremendously in the past few years. Storage have become an absolute must for industries and factories to safely keep and store equipments, devices, machinery spare parts, supplies and also lots of business documents. Space becomes a big question in such situations and industrial floors cannot be littered or cluttered up with these things.

There are different types of storage that can be used in factories and industries depending on the kind of items that you need to store. Large containers and boxes are required for keeping equipments and devices while smaller ones are necessary for the spare parts. You would also need shelves and racks to place your business documents in a neat and organized manner. There are many enterprises and business organizations specializing in the sales of commercial storage. You can easily find a good storage company with the help of reputed employment agencies.

If you are the business owner of a company dealing with industrial storage, then you would know the importance of a good business manager especially if you have many shops or units. An experienced business manager is a must if you have expansion plans and want to take your company to the next level.

Most recruitment firms now have online websites which can be used to post advertisements. You too can do the same to find a business manager who is not only qualified but also has years of experience in the storage business. The best thing about posting such an ad is that you can state all your requirements like qualification, experience, salary package, location and special skills if any required. This makes sure that only the right candidates approach you helping you save precious time.

Some of the benefits of purchasing industrial storage from reputed companies are that they offer customized solutions for each need of yours. These containers and units also come with many security features as most of the equipments and machinery will be very expensive and the documents stored will be priceless.

Employment agencies are one such venture which were specifically created to cater to storage businesses and companies within the big city for hiring both local and overseas talent. These recruitment firms can also assist you in hiring part time, temporary and contract staff especially during peak seasons when you require extra personnel to meet deadlines. There are also resumes of fresh graduates and apprentices who are looking for the right employer to start off their career in the storage business.

Hiring a business manager can certainly bring a lot of difference in your business in widening its wings to reach greater height in no time. There are many who are unaware of this, but once you start up with the right candidate with enough experience in the same field you will find your business soaring up high!

These storage enterprises also offer containers, units and even complete rooms on a lease basis too. Payment options are also flexible which gives the business owners time to assess the storage units and then purchase them.

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The Future of Self Storage Industry

The Future of Self Storage Industry

The self storage industry is growing by leaps and bounds, but because it costs so much to get started, it may take a few months of out of pocket expenses until you reach the breakeven point. Have the resources to weather this period, because times will be lean for a while.

If you are prepared financially and practically, this can be a very lucrative venture to be involved in. Just make sure to read through all the small print and pay attention to all the details before investing.

The self storage business is a fast growing industry and has a bright future as long as people and businesses have to much stuff. Those who have the financial resources to invest a significant amount of up front costs can enjoy this very profitable market.

Just noticing how well advertised self storage facilities are in different media formats shows how in demand they are. Anyone from apartment dwellers to large corporations benefit from self storage facilities because they free up so much valuable space.

If you are considering purchasing a self storage facility, there are few things to consider before making the investment and getting started.

Look at the realistic viability of the location in question and also consider the earning potential it has. Also consider the expenses involved in maintaining the facility as well as general operations, it’s location and other factors.

Purchasing a self storage facility requires a large investment if starting the project from the ground up. If buying an existing facility, take into account the costs involved. Look at operational expenses like rent, utilities, employees, licenses and permits and a whole lot of other little things.

Buying one that is already in existence needs to be analyzed from a couple of perspectives to help determine the viability of the site. Consider supply and demand, and be sure there is enough demand. Also think about operations, finances and legalities. Combining these elements will help first time prospective investors get into this booming industry.

Since the self storage business is growing, it is a good time to invest. However, initial expenses are so great, the breakeven point will take months to reach, and expect to pay significant out of pocket expenses for a little while.

If you are prepared, this can be a very profitable venture to invest in. If you decide to purchase an existing business, make sure you read the fine print before signing anything.

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Why You Need Outdoor Storage Sheds in Homes

Why You Need Outdoor Storage Sheds in Homes

Outdoor storage sheds for your home should be chosen on the basis of the space that is available and also your particular requirements. Storage buildings have high utility value and will definitely prove to be worthy investments in the long term. Given below are the reasons why portable storage sheds are of great significance and are needed in homes:

• If a spacious shed is put up in the property, valuable investments such as the RV, boat, and other vehicles can be adequately protected. These storage buildings can be customized according to specific requirements.

• Small storage sheds provide the extra space for safely storing the Christmas decorations, toys and other items that have been collected over the years, and which you wish to retain. Metal storage sheds including portable storage sheds ensure that your home is not cluttered with unwanted objects anymore. When it comes to businesses, storage sheds are very useful for storing the boxes of paperwork.

• Homeowners who live on rented property can benefit from portable storage buildings. Moving these structures from one place to another is quite easy.

• If outdoor sheds are designed attractively, they serve well as a venue for outdoor events such as family reunions, birthday parties, pool parties and other memorable occasions.

• Your outdoor sheds can be designed as carports, barns, utility sheds, warehouses, gymnasiums and sports arenas.

• With an outdoor storage building, the property value increases considerably and the overall appearance is also enhanced.

Steel Outdoor Storage Sheds – Good Value for Your Money

Steel buildings are great for outdoor storage purposes because they can withstand hurricane speed winds, heavy snow, rain, sun and other harsh weather elements. Steel structures have always proven to be profitable investments because they can be used for agricultural, commercial and domestic use. Steel is a green material and can be recycled with ease. It is also resistant to termites and rust. Thus, only minimal maintenance is involved.

It should be made sure that the storage buildings are purchased from a reputable and a popular dealer who offers state-of-the-art maintenance and installation services. Visit the websites of popular distributors in the industry and check out the steel buildings they offer. Ensure that they provide certified as well as non-certified sheds since you may need these types of structures. Financing options, if any, would be welcome because you will not have to take out the money for your outdoor shed from your hard earned savings.

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