Tool Vaults Give Competitive Edge

Tool Vaults Give Competitive Edge

Every day an amazing A�1million disappears from the construction industry. How? Disturbingly through theft and vandalism.

From November to April, there are many more chances for the less scrupulous. With early evenings and sickness taking its toll on staff reliability, opportunity knocks. It’s not cheap to keep buying equipment. And life isn’t cheap at the moment. It’s quite easy to understand that tools lying loose on the ground, or unsecured can tempt someone short on cash.

While site security is the responsibility of the site supervisors, taking responsibility for your own tools at some point has to come down to you. Hiring a tool vault or site box gives your business a boost; it’s a first, simple step against theft.

While site security should make sure that they know who is onsite at all times, you should make sure that you wear identification. Do your bit! Site lockers, site boxes, tool vaults and cars ought to be checked on a regular basis. To keep the site safe, it’s better for private cars and vans to be parked offsite. To remain above suspicion, don’t take yours onsite without expressed permission.

By keeping the access to the well-lit site to a minimum – with only a couple of entrances and exits – site security can keep an eye on comings and goings. Fence the site with mesh, not boards, which will encourage the local residents to join the fight against crime – because they can see the site clearly.

What options are there for keeping tools and kit safe? It’s not reasonable to lug everything back and forth every day. A solidly locked site box or tool vault gives you the option of keeping all of your equipment safely on site, so you can get to work quickly in the morning, without having to haul it all in from your car or van. Aside from the convenience of keeping everything in one place, site boxes also help you organise your tools sensibly, making it easier for you to find one when you need it.

Keep a note of all your tools’ serial numbers, so that if something does go missing, you are able to give the police as much information as possible. Make your equipment unique: a marked tool is going be much less appealing and it’s easier both to identify and describe if it disappears.

With so many people on site, honest mistakes and forgotten ‘borrows’ can get confusing. You’re less likely to find yourself wondering who’s got your hammer if you’ve marked it clearly. Etch it, brand it, tattoo it – whatever works for you, but it has to be permanent.

Across the country there are schemes that support and protect your business and your kit. By digitally recording data about stolen plant and equipment, systems can cross-check against found property… and hopefully return it to its rightful owner. Get advice from your tool vault hire company about a scheme in your area.…

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Archive Storage

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Archive Storage

At some point in the life span of a business you will need to create more space by archiving old documents. Laws surrounding financial documents dictate that you need to keep a history of 10 years, and when it comes to personal records such as medical, dental or customer details you may want to keep them to hand.

Another reason you may want to archive hard copies of data is because you have transferred the information to an online system such as a database, but want to keep the old paper copies as a backup in case the system goes down.

Many companies keep archived documents on site, maybe in a storage room, because they think that document and archive storage can be expensive or not easy to retrieve. With advances in storage systems this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here are five reasons why you should be making use of off-site archive storage:

1. An offsite document and archive storage company will hold your documents in a secure environment. This is often done by CCTV and security personnel giving you absolute peace of mind.

2. You may not realise but you could actually be paying more for storage space in your office than you would do in an off-site location. This is especially true if you have offices in central London.

3. Archive Storage facilities offer a quick and easy way to access your documents. Using bar code technology you can now quickly locate your documents within any storage facility – in most cases all you need to do is book a time to visit the premises.

4. The conditions in a document storage facility will be more ideal for the long term storage of your paperwork. Over time, documents can lose clarity and quality, where as in a document storage facility the conditions are just right to keep your documents as fresh as the day they went it.

As you can see, these 4 points make up a strong case for relocating your archives to off-site storage facilities.

The next decision that you have to make is when you are going to do it!…

Starting a Business From the Ground Up – Location Selection

Starting a Business From the Ground Up – Location Selection

Location is very important for every business. When starting a business from the ground up you should operate from home or other locations available for free. However if your customers will visit you it is important to select a great business location.

Select the correct neighborhood for your business

Form research and selling activates you already know who are your customers. People want to be safe and have good shopping experience. For example: if you are selling expensive items the business has to be located in a place where customers will feel comfortable to come. It makes a difference if most visitors are female or male. In general males have higher tolerance to places that are not in their prime. However, everybody appreciates a nice place. Before deciding to establish your shop somewhere, investigate the community.

Learn what is the traffic and accessibility

All businesses need to be visible so customers can easily find it. Busy street traffic and high visibility location are very important to retail and eating-places. They will benefit from the exposure to as many eyes as possible passing by every day. Easy parking and quick access are important factors for any business. Other factors to consider are amount of foot traffic, automobile traffic, assessable sidewalk and convenient delivery access. Most commercial real estate offices will have traffic information.

Examine building condition

Renting space is a long-term commitment. You should have many questions before deciding to move in. Find out how old is the building. When it was repaired for last time? How old is the plumbing, the roof and the heater? When the air conditioner was serviced for the last time?

Find out where is the closest competitor

Before you move in you should know where the competitors are located and how they look like. Many landlords will not permit directly competing businesses on their property. But, there are a number of different landlords who are not particularly selective. Having many similar businesses close to each other is not necessarily a bad think. More customers who are looking for the same thing will have more choice. You can shine as new business in this environment.…

Use Storage Bins To Keep Organized

Use Storage Bins To Keep Organized

Nobody likes having a messy or cluttered home. Storage bins are a very useful tool for keeping your home organized and clutter free. When everything has a “place,” things are much easier to find when you need them and take up much less valuable space than when left loose. There are a multitude of storage bins available for almost any sized item.

One of the most popular kinds of storage bins is those for clothes. With closet space always at a premium, it doesn’t make sense to keep both winter and summer clothes out at the same time. Storing unused clothing neatly away in clothes bins not only saves closet space, but ensures your favorite sweater will be in top condition when autumn rolls around. The best bins for this purpose will have a tight fitting lid and be stackable for the most efficient use of your storage space.

For families with children, sports equipment and toys can be a real headache. For this, there are large, sturdy bins that help to keep things from getting out of hand. Because many of these bins have open tops, kids can quickly put their things into them. This makes children much more likely to put their things away rather than leave them out or on the floor. This means less lost and broken toys for kids and less of a mess for parents.

Anyone who is a fan of arts and crafts definitely understands the need to keep things arranged neatly. For the craft person, there are small, interlocking bins available for keeping various different beads, clasps and other crafting materials. These small bins are also useful for the tool benches of woodworkers and other DIY enthusiasts. They are perfect for organizing different sizes of screws, nuts and bolts.

Whether for organizing clothes, toys, the tool shed or home office, storage bins go a long way creating a clutter free home.

Easy Guide to Finding Storage Boxes

Easy Guide to Finding Storage Boxes

So you’ve finally taken the plunge. You’ve decided to move to a new home or apartment, clean out the garage, or donate all of those old clothes that have been piling up in your closet. Now all you need to do is find some storage boxes to transport all of your belongings. This is a lot easier and cheaper than you think if you know where to look.

Grocery & Retail Stores:

The first place to search is you local grocery and retail stores. You can find some really sturdy wooden boxes that are pretty clean. Plus, management is more than happy to give them away so that they don’t have to worry about paying to dispose of them.

The best time to ask for them is when the store is restocking merchandise. In most clothing stores, this happens twice a week and four times or more at a grocery store. Because grocery stores do most of their restocking in the early morning, it’s best to ask management as soon as the store opens. If the store is open 24 hours, it’s also a good idea to go really late and avoid running into a lot of customers.

You can also check out office supply stores, smaller merchandisers, and gas stations. They tend to have a really good supply of cardboard storage boxes available.

Boxes for Your Personal Files and Documents:

For your personal files, it’s a good idea to purchase boxes specifically made for that purpose. You find all kinds of different styles and types at your local retail and office supply stores. If you’re looking for a really good deal, you’ll definitely want to search for it online. These particular storage boxes are sturdy and come with lids that protect your personal documents from dust, dirt, and insects.

If you have a lot of personal documents, rental truck companies often sell their moving boxes to the general public. The boxes they sell are high quality and they come in a wide range of prices depending on the size of the box. You can also save a lot of money if you decide to buy in bulk and order them online.

Find Storage Boxes Around Your Home:

Before you go through all the work of going to stores and buying boxes, you might be able to find a couple of great storage boxes around your home. For your smaller belongings, you can use your old shoe boxes to store them. If you have children, you probably have some plastic storage boxes lying around the house. You know the ones that most people use as toy boxes for their kids. These are also a great alternative to “traditional” storage boxes. You can also ask your neighbors to see if they have any boxes lying around.…

Get Better At Email Marketing Today With Some Amazing Ideas

While it is generally agreed upon that email marketing is effective, it can often be difficult to use. For example, how do you obtain a large number of email addresses to run an effective campaign? How do you figure out the best tactic to advertise your product via email? Read this article for tips on these questions and more. Using these tips makes sure that you have an effective email campaign.

Get your audience to help you expand. After you get a small list going, go a step further and find ways to get them to invite their friends on board. Be sure to consistently include a link to subscribe in any email you send; hopefully, recipients will forward it to their friends that may be interested in the things that you offer. You can use this method to make your list grow organically.

Before getting involved in an email marketing effort, you must obtain permission to email each person on your list. If you don’t, clients may leave or complain about your spamming.

Don’t flood subscribers with emails pleading with them to buy something. Stay away from harsh sales techniques such as bombarding them with the need to immediately “Buy Now!” When you send out too many emails, customers will regard them as spam, and will be less likely to make a purchase from you. They will know that you only care about selling services and products, you want to have a good relationship with them and be considered a professional. Your customers will be thankful for this, and there’s a good chance they’ll make a purchase.

Try to only send one email a week. Your customer base is likely made up of people who are busy and receive many messages each day. If you send out more than one email per week, you will see that your customers will delete or not read them.

The more options you give your customers, the more effective your email marketing will be. Allow subscribers to decide on the frequency and number of messages they receive. It’s especially important to let people choose what personal information they share. When your customers feel that they are somewhat in control of the process, they will be much more satisfied.

Branding is a concept that you must incorporate into even your email marketing messages. For this reason, it is worth designing a template that contains your logo, standard color scheme, and fonts that appear in your other marketing materials, such as your website. This will instantly let your reader know that the email came from your company.

Getting permission before sending emails to someone, is of utmost importance to doing good business. If a customer feels that your email is unsolicited, there is a greater chance that your customer will delete or unsubscribe. Email providers often drop their subscribers if enough complaints warrant your removal for spam violations.

Email marketing is effective, but many business may encounter several issues. Some business may have trouble collecting a bunch of email addresses. Other ones don’t know the right way to design their emails. If you use the advice in this guide, your business will be able to bypass a lot of these issues. Take advantage of this advice and be sure your email marketing initiative produces results.…