12×16 Storage Shed Plans – Finding Quality Cheap Online Shed Plans

A good source of 12×16 storage shed plans can be hard to come by. In this article I’ll explain the benefits of making your own shed, help you judge whether a 12×16 storage shed is large enough, and help you find quality shed plans.

Building your own shed is a smart choice for three main reasons: ease, quality and cost. Since your building your own shed, you can tailor it specifically to your needs, selecting a shed plan that has exactly what your looking for. Building your own shed is also cheaper than buying one, as you only have to pay the cost of materials (and your labor is free!). Finally, a DIY shed will probably be of superior quality to comparably priced store-bought sheds, as you can select the materials and ensure that everything is done correctly and built to last. Building your shed is also a valuable experience, and will help prepare you for other construction or maintenance projects around the house.

Now, is a 12×16 storage shed big enough? Will you wish for more space just after your shed is completed? Perhaps. Storage sheds tend to fill up quickly, and you can always use extra space. Then again, you may be constrained by the amount of available land, or want your shed to be inconspicuous. All of these factors are important to consider when selecting a shed plan, so try to get access to as many different designs as possible.

So how should you find the perfect shed plan, one which doesn’t use too many materials or look too complicated, one which will leave you with a quality storage shed that will last for years to come? Before we begin, a word of advice: Never pay for just one shed design. What if it isn’t what you were looking for? What if the quality is bad or the plan is difficult to understand? Your far better off paying a slightly larger fee, say two or three times as much, for a whole database of shed plans that you can use whenever you want.

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There are plenty of sources of shed designs available, but many of the best are all but unknown, as they won’t show up in a standard Google search. For more information on the best shed plan resources available, Click Here to learn more!