Wooden Storage Shed Plans – Why Choose Wood?

There are a lot of different building materials to choose from when you decide to build your own storage shed. Some people choose metal siding. Others choose vinyl sheeting. Still others construct make-shift sheds out of tarps or other water resistant substances. The most widely used building material for storage sheds is wood. There are a number of benefits to choosing wooden storage shed plans:

1. Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material. This might seem counter intuitive seeing as trees need to be chopped down to produce the boards you will be using, but wood is a renewable resource and many states have laws in place that require a new tree to be planted for every tree that gets torn down.

2. Wood is the most versatile material. It keeps out all of the elements you don’t want while providing insulation and keeping in the elements you do want. It can be water proofed to keep water out. It can be sanded down and painted and carved and be made to look like pretty much anything. It can be cut into shapes to give your wood storage shed the look of a small cottage or left round to give your shed the look of a small cabin.

3. It is a very strong building material. Many other materials deteriorate under harsh conditions and are easy to break or damage. Wood can stand up to almost anything: extreme heat and cold, inclement weather conditions and your own abuse. If you take care to protect your shed, it should stay standing for decades.

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Building your own shed or outbuilding is easy if you have the right wooden storage shed plans. With the right plans, you can have the sturdiest building in your neighborhood!