Where Will You Put That Huge Shipment?

Realizing that you’ve just received a huge shipment of products and you’re not sure you have space to store it can present a problem. There are a few ways to solve the dilemma but the number one way to do this is by renting or leasing a unit from domestic or business self storage services. Several sizes are available from a small six by eight foot unit to a larger ten or twelve foot by fourteen or sixteen foot unit. Most of these units are climate controlled so you don’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations, mold, mildew, or disintegration.

If you have lots of bookkeeping records and so forth stored in your office location you may want to move these to the storage unit instead of putting the new products there. Excess furniture or pieces that are not being used could also be placed in the storage unit. You will have to decide if it’s best to keep the products on your location or put them in storage. It will depend on how available these items need to be in relation to your business.

Most storage units are accessible from daylight to dark, others are more secure and may be fenced from public access. A factor to consider when deciding where to store your shipment is whether or not you can find a storage unit near your business that will allow daily access if needed. Records, paperwork, and excess furniture could be stored in a facility that is not that close to your business. You probably won’t need daily access to those items.

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You may want to find a storage facility that you can drive by on your way home from work or the office. This will save a lot of time. Some domestic self storage services allow the customers to lock the front of the unit with a lock of their own choosing. This may make the customer feel that their items are more secure.

There are also now transportable self storage units that can be placed on the business property. This would work great if there is extra space or a section of the parking lot that could be used for this purpose. Depending on how your sales go, it may be best to rent the self storage unit on a month to month basis. You should know after the first thirty days or so whether you should continue to use the storage unit in the future.