Storage For Storm Readiness

Those who live in geographic areas where storm seasons wreak havoc can find themselves evacuating their homes and cities several times a year, and with each flee they must decide what they want to save in case of total destruction. Of course, if you are in this situation, it becomes monotonous to pack and unpack at the mercy of the weather forecast, but keeping all your special things packed away does not afford you any enjoyment. Consider storage tubs for easy access to your belongings on a daily basis and for simple pack up and go technique in case of an evacuation.

For scrapbooks and picture albums that you don’t want to keep packed away all the time, find a storage tub that when turn on its side, slides nicely in between closet shelves. Put your books binding out inside the tub as if on a bookshelf. The albums will be at your finger tips when you want to enjoy them, yet you will be able to grab the tote, put a lid on it, and toss it in the car in mere seconds. If closet space is at a minimum, try under-the-bed storage boxes; the books are at hand for browsing and for emergency trips.

Other keepsakes that people often want to save are wedding dressings, heirloom outfits, and quilts. These are not typically things you often use, so why not store them close together if not all together in an easy to tote box?

For those of you who are attached to all of your baby’s “baby stuff,” put it in a storage box. Each time a special memory is made, and you find you want to keep a memento, toss it in the box. This not only creates a special keepsake treasure box for you to enjoy with your children, but it is a guaranteed way to not forget anything when you are preparing for a home evacuation.

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A back up hard-drive is another go to storage tool for coast dwellers, and it can mean salvation in the event of tragedy. If you are diligent about scanning and storing pictures, vital records, copies of credit cards and identifications cards, and billing account numbers with contact information, a huge stress not to mention a potential financial mess can be eliminated by remembering to grab the back-up drive on the way out.

Safety is of course priority, and you even under extreme preparedness, you should only save yourself and your loved ones in the midst of a disaster, but in the case of an evacuation, when you have some safe time to make a few decisions, keeping your treasured things and your important records together and accessible is surely a way to keep peace of mind.