Parents – Why You Should Avoid Baby Food Storage Containers Containing BPA

After the birth of a child parents will work their hardest to keep their new family addition safe and secure until they are old enough to fend for themselves. However, when it comes to storing food which they prepare themselves for their baby as they get older can actually prove harmful to their health. There are a number of different baby food storage containers now available on the market but some contain chemicals that are dangerous to their child as they contain BPA (Bisphenol-A).

So why it is so important to avoid containers for storing food for your baby in that contain the chemical called BPA?

Like other parents before you may not realize it but BPA used to create containers in which food can be stored will actually be absorbed by what is contained in them. This is because over time it begins to break down and as a result minute amounts will then leach into what is held in the container. If the food remains in the containers for any amount of time whether days, weeks or months then more of the BPA will then be absorbed by it. Plus it is best to avoid keeping the food in the container when warming it up in a microwave as this will further result in the BPA breaking down more and so being leached into the further even more.

Therefore if you like other parents want to ensure that your baby remains fit and healthy then this is the time to think about buying baby food storage containers free of BPA’s. Today there are only a few companies who provide such containers and one of these is Petite Creations. The storage containers that they provide in which you can put prepared food for your baby are known as Baby Cubes.

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As well as not containing any BPA in them these containers are made from polypropylene plastic so don’t contain any phthalates in them. Plus the containers that Petite Creations make use only virgin raw materials whereas other companies prefer to save on the cost of production by using recycled materials. So you can be assured that the baby food storage containers you purchase from this company are made to the highest standard possible. Also you can be assured that they contain no chemicals that could actually prove detrimental to your child’s health.

Yet although these may be free of the chemicals that could affect your child’s health you can use them in a microwave if you wish. However to be truthful it is still far more beneficial to warm the food by removing it from the storage containers first and placing it in saucepan or glass bowl in the microwave. This way you can better control the temperature at which the food is heated so it won’t be too hot when you feed them it.