Galvanised Steel Tote Pans for Effective Storage

What exactly is a tote pan? Well, the word “tote” means “carry” or “to carry”, so perhaps a more simple explanation of the phrase tote pan would be “carrying pan”. In industrial sectors they are simply known as tote pans and they are used for various kinds of storage.

One of the most important things in a big warehouse or stores area of a business is the storage system. If you have you spent any time (either as a worker or overseer) in a workplace where the warehouse is the centre piece if you like and the hive of all the activity, you are likely to have drawn at least two conclusions.

The first conclusion you may have reached is that if the storage area is not particularly well organised then what usually follows as an output is total chaos!

However, if you were lucky enough to witness an effective storage situation in action, you are likely to have noted just how much smoother and easier things were running.

Of course, these pans are just one small part of an overall storage solution but they prove to be a vital piece of the puzzle all the same. These pans are available in many different sizes and can be found in many different finishes, such as the galvanised steel referred to in the title.

They can be used to store all kind of items and components but perhaps because of their general size are best suited to small parts storage. In a store room for example you may find a series of tote pans lined up on a shelving system, each containing various small items crucial to that particular industry or work place.

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They are easy to label, if required and they are easy to move and carry (hence the word “tote”), thanks to their fairly light weight and handle on the front section. Many tote pan variations can also be stacked, which is particularly useful when storage space is at a premium.

There are plenty of accessories too. If you want to divide a pan up into sections to enable you to store multiple components in a single pan, you can with useful dividers. If you need to keep the stored elements relatively free from dust, you can also fit the pans with slide on lids, essentially making them a sealable box.

So, it is evident that galvanised steel tote pans are an effective and important part of any good storage solution.