Effective Marketing Tips – 3 Steps to Create a Marketing Message That Stands Out From the Crowd

Do you know how to make your marketing message sizzle in the mind of your prospective customer? You will if you read and implement this short article!

People are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every minute of the day, from all angles. Making your message “stick” in their mind seems like a challenging task, but it’s quite simple if you follow 3 simple rules.

Rule 1 – Empathize with their pain

The more you can show you understand the specific pain, discomfort or problem that your prospect suffers from, the more they will be inclined to believe you when you tell them you have a solution.

A weight loss coach shouldn’t ask, “Tired of being overweight?” because this doesn’t touch the real pain. Instead they might ask, “Are you afraid that your kids might grow up alone, without their father?”

This is much more direct and shows that you truly understand the challenges of being overweight.

Rule 2 – Identify their “Perfect Picture” of the future

The “perfect picture” stems directly from the pain that they feel. This helps them move from pain to desire and hope. It also reinforces that you actually understand what they want to achieve.

Using the weight loss example above the “perfect picture” might sound something like, “When you’ve shed those extra pounds you’ll not only feel lighter, you’ll also have more energy to do the things you may be missing out on now like spending quality time with your kids while they’re still young enough to want to spend time with YOU.”

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Rule 3 – Identify your solution

Only once you’ve shown your prospect that you really understand their pain (not just their “problem”) and have created both hope and desire by painting them a “perfect picture”, it’s time to connect the dots with a solution.

The key is to show how your particular solution is the best, easiest or most appropriate way for them to move from pain to perfect picture as quickly as possible.