If you operate a business or are in the human resource department, chances are that you are conversant with the endless demands of payroll.

Ascertaining that each employee is paid on time and correctly, in addition to overseeing multiple paid leave and tax deductions, is no walk in the park. And with more and more companies and countries welcoming remote work, overseeing payroll across various locations is more difficult than ever.

Time is equivalent to money in the current world, and no enterprise is willing to set aside valuable resources to ascertain these processes are completed correctly. However, not doing so isn’t an alternative, with local governments implementing stricter employment regulations and financial laws annually.

So, what’s the way out?

What do payroll providers bring to the table?

A payroll service provider is essentially an organisation that helps with or takes up the responsibility for overseeing paying on behalf of another enterprise.

Services generally delivered by a payroll service provider include:

Payroll deductions, tax filing and withholding.
Automatic payroll computing and processing.
Expert compliance advice.
Integrating business insight and payroll software.
Correct record maintenance.
Detailed payroll reporting.
New employee registration.
Holiday absence and sick leave management.

By enrolling the aid of a global payroll service provider, you can leave the job of overseeing payroll and compliance in the capable handles of an objective professional team. This will assist you to evade paying tax fines and enable you to concentrate on other facets of your enterprise.

Thus, even if each company’s needs vary, knowing what to expect is integral to make sure that your organization is in capable hands…

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1. Comprehensive payroll support

A payroll provider should be flexible to help with all facets of payroll within your organization to guarantee employees are paid on time and correctly, regardless of where they reside or work from.

2. Guaranteed regulatory compliance

Among the main responsibilities of a payroll provider is to ensure that their payroll system is compliant with financial and government laws – especially when it comes to cross-border business operations. This can range from local taxation legislation to data protection, a payroll provider should satisfy all compliance caveats on behalf of your organisation to ascertain that you never encounter legal fines or issues.

3. Employee self-service

When overseeing a team of employees, replying to separate updates and requests can be time-consuming. The majority of payroll providers deliver self-service systems that give employees the leeway to oversee and monitor their accounts without needing managerial input.

4. Accurate payroll reporting

Accuracy is of utmost importance when it comes to payroll management. Consequently, payroll outsourcing providers will usually offer a summary of their customer’s payroll operations, including payroll deductions, wage payments and operating hours across the company.

5. Thorough job costing

Job costing information is a record and indicator of the cumulative expenses affiliated with finishing a project. For payroll, this entails offering summaries of the volume and kind of work done by employees – either as groups or individuals.

Your global payroll solution

When enlisting individuals in various countries, staying up-to-date with the complexities of local employment regulations and overseeing payroll in different currencies can result in logistical headaches.

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For this reason, why not consider outsourcing your payroll requirements to a committed, expert provider?

TopSource Worldwide is a global payroll provider in more than 100 countries. We provide personalised, tried-and-tested payroll options to our customers through exemplary customer service and a wide selection of centralised platforms.

Our staff delivers International support with local know-how. Using one centrally governed payroll system, we take a consultative and service-led approach to offer a consistent and fluid service for every employee, regardless of their geographical location.

For organisations figuring our payroll in the UK, we provide Portico: our cutting-edge, centrally managed HR database. This portal offers a more efficient and resilient payroll atmosphere for UK employees, allowing secure document archiving in the cloud and seamless HR data tracking.